Hattie's Chicken Shack


Hattie’s Famous Fried Chicken

Same recipe since 1938!
½ Chicken= breast, leg, wing, & thigh    8.99
¼ Chicken= breast & leg or wing & thigh   5.25
-or You pick it!-
Breast    3.50                    Thigh    3.25
Drumstick    2.50              Wing    2.25

Family Baskets

10 pieces: 2 breasts, 2 thighs, 3 legs, 3 wings    19.99
Family meal: 10 piece basket + 3 sides    29.99

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

½ chicken only. Allow 15 mins or call in advance    14.99

THE Fried Chicken Sandwich

Boneless fried chicken thigh (the juiciest piece) topped with
Cajun coleslaw
The Big Daddy (made with two boneless thighs)    7.99
Junior (made with one boneless thigh)    6.99

Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwich

New Orleans style: lettuce & tomato and Jasper’s Remoulade    7.99
Hattie’s Style: Cajun Coleslaw    7.99

Jasper’s Po-Boys

Choose Shrimp OR Catfish    10.99
New Orleans style: lettuce & tomato and Jasper’s Remoulade
Hattie’s Style: Cajun coleslaw

Chicken Salad on Texas Toast

Pulled chicken, apples, celery and cranberries    7.99

Garden Salads

Mixed greens with cucumber, red onion and tomato    6.99
add Fried Shrimp    10.99
add Chicken Salad    9.50
add Grilled Chicken    9.99
OR add a piece of fried chicken on the side    a la carte
dressings: Blue Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch, House Vinaigrette, Jasper’s Remoulade

Sides and Such

Local fresh cut french fries    3.50
Sweet potato fries    4.50
Cajun fries    4.00
Hush puppies    4.00
Red Beans and Rice    5.00
Collard Greens    4.50
Cranberry, Cajun or Plain Coleslaw    400
Cucumber Salad    3.50
Classic or Cinnamon Sugar Beignets    3.50
Soup de jour    3.50

Fountain Soda    2.25
Unsweetened Iced Tea    2.25
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade    2.25
Bottled Water    2.25
Bottled Beverages    2.50
Coffee or Tea   2.00
Louisiana Beers   5.00

Extra Sauces   1.00 each


Chicken Littles   6.99
Housemade chicken fingers served with your choice of sauce
Gluten Free    8.50

Mini Corn Dogs    5.50
served with Honey Mustard

Kids Fried Chicken    5.50
2 legs, 2 wings or 1 leg & 1 wing

Side choice of french fries, apples or carrots
SAUCE CHOICES: melba, ranch, honey mustard, bbq sauce

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